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Q Can I get an insurance policy remotely?
A Yes, you can. Especially, after Covid 19, insurance companies have made getting policies much easier. Insurance EASE provides fully remote and virtual services to get your insurance policies.
Q How do I understand my Life Insurance Policy
A It is necessary to know the following terms in order to understand a life insurance policy: Premium - the amount of money you have to pay to continue your insurance coverage. The premium amount depends upon: Your age, Policy selected , Mode of premium payment, Term of premium payment, Term of the policy
Q What is Original Medicare and who is eligible for it?
A Original Medicare is a health insurance program that incorporates people in the age group of 65 and 65+. Some younger individuals with disabilities are acceptable for this program. Original Medicare includes some broad plans for individuals. Part A: This plan accommodates patient’s health care payments and also accommodates hospital stays. Part B: This plan provides for doctors’ services and other medical services that the hospital doesn’t accommodate. Part C: This plan is an alternative method for Original Medicare. These plans are provided by private companies and are approved by Original Medicare. Part D: This plan mainly covers drug prescriptions so that individuals can manage their costs.