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About Insurance EASE

About 1 in 3 people 65 and older in the U.S. enroll in Medicare Advantage. Considering this is a big decision on your part, we advise you to connect with Insurance EASE for reliable consultancy and understanding of your needs. It is highly recommended to consider more than one insurance company before purchasing the policy. This will help you choose the right plan.

We at Insurance Ease the insurance agency has competent, professional people as staff, their duty, and role are to assist, guide, and frame work to every USA citizen to choose the right insurance plan for themselves and their family.

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide quality products that help our clients and patrons both come under our slogan, SAFETY FOR LIFE. We have taken responsibility unto ourselves to propel our customers lives with quality insurance products and provide them a stable system that caters to their safety for life.

Meet the Team

Shoaib Akram

Maestro CEO, the person who makes everything work like a charm. Very passionate about customer service and support. 
Reach out to the CEO at:
[email protected]


Great human being and a stable personality that has extensive experience in business development and management. A rock solid personality that goes out of the way to make our lives easier. 

Dhruv Provokel

Our director HR manages the best team in the world,
as so he says. Always there to listen to the team, Dhruv studied from the best universities in the states and is an HR genius making sure everyone ticks all the boxes all the times. ?