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Q What is Final Expense Insurance
A Final expense insurance is also called “funeral insurance,” “burial insurance,” “simplified issue whole life insurance,” or “modified whole life insurance.” All are marketing terms that the insurance industry uses to sell small whole life policies with a face value (death benefit) of $2,000 to $50,000
Q How Does Final Expense Insurance Work?
A Contact Insurance Ease and start the application process, which includes answering a few basic questions about your health. The death benefit is great and the premiums are affordable because of your age and health.
Q Can my heirs use Final Expense Insurance for any other purpose apart from burial?
A Yes, just like any other insurance policy, the policy amount can be used for any purpose.
Q Can I get an insurance policy remotely?
A Yes, you can. Especially, after Covid 19, insurance companies have made getting policies much easier. Insurance EASE provides fully remote and virtual services to get your insurance policies.
Q How do I understand my Life Insurance Policy
A It is necessary to know the following terms in order to understand a life insurance policy: Premium - the amount of money you have to pay to continue your insurance coverage. The premium amount depends upon • Your age • Policy selected • Mode of premium payment • Term of premium payment • Term of the policy
Q Why shop with Insurance EASE for Medicare
A At Insurance EASE, we value transparency. Our services, including free calls with licensed insurance agents, free plan quotes, and free online tools, are provided with no additional cost to you. There is no obligation to work with us and for your convenience, we are a fully remote and virtual Insurance, Medicare, and Final Expense policy providers.